5 benefits of having dry skin

Ok, we all know about disadvantages of having dry skin. But let’s take a look at it from a positive side – there you some benefits too! Here is good news for dry skin owners.

If you have dry skin then you are lucky because….

  1. You likely don’t have problems with acne and pimples. Great if you are a teenager too!
  2. It has small pores
  3. It does not look greasy
  4. You don’t have to worry about your make-up becoming greasy
  5. Dry skin usually requires less care that oily type. Especially when young.

Not all that bad, ha? It’s OK if we have disadvantages, because we know how to fix them! Follow my blog and let’s take care of dry skin together!


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Taking care of dry skin

Though dry skin is not a serious condition, it can definitely cause a lot of discomfort. Dry skin is very common, it causes the skin to feel tight and uncomfortable and too sensitive.

Causes of dry skin

There are external and internal reasons causing the skin to dry. External factors are the most common and easiest to treat.

Dry skin is often a problem in cooler climates, especially during winter months when home heating systems are used all the time. Heat draws moisture from the skin.

Benefits of having a dry skin

The good news is that this type of skin has rare problems with pimples.

Taking care of dry skin

–          Do not wash with cold water and soap

–          Do not use astringent creams

–          Use moisturizing cream before going to bed and after showers or baths

–          Take baths with oils, not with salt

–          Drink lot of water, especially at winter

This type of skin needs plenty of gentle cleansing, generous amounts of oils and moisturizers.

Using a moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of your skin, giving it a soft moist. It is usually very thin and tender.

Without adequate moisture, the skin neither feels nor looks good.

Taking a good care of your skin will help to keep it from peeling and cracking, and will make it softer. It also will prevent it from aging faster.

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